The process is quick and easy:

  • Get a Quote: Complete our quote form to get a personalized quote from a Show Shirt Expert within one business day!
  • Design Your Shirt: You and your Show Shirt Expert will work to perfect the shirt.  Your Show Shirt Expert won't stop until you have a shirt that you're happy with!  We will send you photos and graphics so you'll see exactly how your shirt will look.
  • Collect Orders: You can collect orders on paper or online (or both!).  Our online ordering is simple.  You provide your cast with a link via email, flyer, or whatever means you have.  They head online.  Fill out the form and order their show shirt.  We will ship the show shirt with the rest of the order.  You can have your customer pay online for an additional fee.*
  • Submit.  Submit your final totals.  You can double check your totals at any time, see the names of the students/cast members who have ordered, see what sizes are being ordered and more.  Once you are sure that your order is ready you can submit the order.  Your Show Shirt Expert will double check your order and begin to process it.
  • We Print Your Shirts & Ship.  You can login to your account at any time to see where we are in the process.  We will send you an email when your order has shipped.
  • Hand Out Your Shirts.  Your shirt will arrive in a big box that will include your packing slip with all of the shirt information.  We will make it easy for you to to distribute.  We can also bag and label each individual order for an additional charge.**

We make the process as easy as we can for you.

* Online charges are subject to a 3% processing fee that is added onto your order.
** Bag and label charges are based on the quantity of shirts ordered and start at $10.

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